It all started with the inquisitiveness to understand the different kinds of rewards that Credit Cards provide. Having used Credit Cards for over a decade, we have come a long way from simply swiping it when needed to understanding the benefits of individual cards and which credit card(s) are best suited based on one’s spend pattern. From using just a single card a decade ago to having multiple cards currently, the reward rate has kept on increasing Year On Year.

Over the last few months, we decided to spread this knowledge to our near and dear ones. Soon, an idea cropped up about creating a Whatsapp group and the success encouraged us to this idea of starting a blog.

Having used various credit cards over the years, the benefits (a combination of Reward Points, Discounts, Cash-backs, Free Movie Tickets & Lounge Access) earned on credit cards have crossed into a six-figure valuation annually. That’s more than the average yearly bonus we get on a job. With the government pushing for a better Digital India, the competition in credit card industry is turning in favour of the users and it is the right time to make use of the Credit Card perks.

Do not be left out.